With the mass arrival of new customers and new offers, some people talk about hyper-growth. In this case, the company needs the agility to transform its operating methods and organisation while securing its financial management: focus on the core business must not be to the detriment of good organisational practices.

In this situation, the key to success is bringing employees together around a shared vision.

Moving up a level

These are the kind of questions you are asking yourself:
  • How do we model and deploy this upward move in operational terms?
  • What production, logistics and commercial set-up should be implemented to fulfil this strategy? What is the right management system for each activity?
  • Will we have to forego anything? Will we need to outsource certain activities?
  • How mature are the processes and will there be any adjustments to or even a breakaway from current processes?
  • What is the necessary balance between speed and efficiency when implementing new operating methods and the related tools?
  • How can we consolidate and perpetuate good practices?
To answer them, MLA can help, with

Three levels of intervention

Mobilise the decision-making bodies

Mobilise the decision-making bodies

“Act as your board of directors’ sparring partner”

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Assist managers and players on the ground

Assist managers and players on the ground

“Be the facilitator of transformation; make managers and players on the ground stakeholders in the strategy” Learn more
Support your projects

your projects

“Be the benchmark partner in securing your projects in their development and ambition”

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Five areas of expertise that contribute to collective performance

MLA focuses on its clients’ performance as they deploy their strategy and manage their operations.
Our staff pool their key skills as they take a multidisciplinary approach to your problems.

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