When in difficulty, the company needs to develop a sense of urgency, to react, and abandon intuition and approximation to apply economic principles and rules. It must select priorities, develop scenarios and propose measures backed up by action plans with quick wins.

Once the crisis is over, the know-how acquired must become a mindset.

Retour à la performance

These are the kind of questions you are asking yourself:
  • How do we make a proper diagnosis of the value chain within a short timeframe?
  • How do we identify the right levers for both internal and external communication?
  • How can we put the company under pressure while empowering employees and reassuring the ecosystem?
  • What are the priority actions and what expenditure can be rationalised?
  • How do we manage the implementation of competitiveness plans?
  • How can we capitalise on the know-how acquired so as not to find ourselves back in the same situation?
To answer them, MLA can help, with

Three levels of intervention

Mobilise the decision-making bodies

Mobilise the decision-making bodies

“Act as your board of directors’ sparring partner”

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Assist managers and players on the ground

Assist managers and players on the ground

“Be the facilitator of transformation; make managers and players on the ground stakeholders in the strategy” Learn more
Support your projects

your projects

“Be the benchmark partner in securing your projects in their development and ambition”

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Five areas of expertise that contribute to collective performance

MLA focuses on its clients’ performance as they deploy their strategy and manage their operations.
Our staff pool their key skills as they take a multidisciplinary approach to your problems.

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