Context of the intervention

After a period of severe crisis, the new executive management of a French group, leader on the market of natural stones’ extraction and transformation, set a 40% turnover as a goal to reach in the next 3 years. The firm’s industrial infrastructure includes dozens of limestone quarries and several cutting and carving plants.

The executive management decided to carry out a quick diagnosis of the group’s industrial infrastructure and maintenance processes by conducting interviews and making observations on the field. This analysis allowed the firm to assess its capacity to reindustrialize itself.

What did MLA do?

  • Diagnosis
    • Assessing the situation in stone transformations factories
    • Conducting individual interviews with the firm’s employees
    • Formalizing existing processes and identifying malfunctions or major risks
  • Recommendations on the Group’s strategic agenda
  • Goals and proposition of a global approach for the structuration of the maintenance activity

This field analysis (industrial infrastructure, HR, processes) and recommendations on priority actions to take, gave the executive management a complete picture of the existing situation, enabling them to make strategic decisions.