Context of the intervention

The firm is a car manufacturer, leader in two activities : original equipment (air filtering, liquids filtering, air distributors, technical pieces for engine compartments) and aftermarket (filtering systems, industrial filters).

With MLA’s assistance, the company wanted to :

  • Anticipate the erosion of its margins by rationalizing its costs
  • Secure its top of the range positioning
  • Guarantee the availability of its products and avoid lost sales
  • Reduce the « order to cash » cycle and improve the agility of the team in charge of the aftermarket, in order to make clients as satisfied as possible.

What did MLA do ?

  • Implementing an optimization plan for the supply chain
    • Setting up of a planning for deliveries frequency, depending on regions and customers
    • Testing new SAP’s functionalities and helping teams to get accustomed to those functionalities
    • Assistance to prepare tenders for carriers.
  • Implementing an optimization plan to improve customer relationship
    • Rationalizing the customers’ portfolio
    • Auditing the SAP pricing conformity
    • Setting up management tools for the Sales/Delivery Administration for order monitoring.

This intervention helped the firm to make the logistical load smoother but also to significantly improve the services rate and to save a substantial amount on carriers’ spending.