Context of the intervention

The company oversees public transportation and they have to manage many offices. The two departments in charge of their property management, outsource their missions to other companies. MLA intervened on optimizing estate management and redistributing responsibilities between the different actors.

What did MLA do ?

By conducting several interviews with managers and employees from different services, MLA was able to build a more detailed vision of the offices’ current operational activities:

  •  Missions of each service and its teams,
  •  The overall organisation,
  •  Management structure,
  •  Strengths and weaknesses,
  •  Already identified improvements.

At the end, 62 recommendations were identified and evaluated depending on their feasibility.

Beyond this enlightening diagnosis, the client wanted to deal with these recommendations in depth. Several workshops and additional interviews with employees were conducted to design a target organization.

These assignments helped the company to :

  •  Clarify competencies between departments and reestablish confidence ;
  •  Design a new organization based on a result-oriended action plan, some of those actions being very innovative ;
  •  Optimize methods and operations into every office.