MLA assists its clients in IT management and IS team organization. MLA is skilled to assist Program Directors in complex projects and assist the IS teams in choosing the best IS system to comply with each companies’ specific needs.

MLA’s main skills related to IS governance and projects management are:

IT Governance :

  • IT Master Plan
  • Organization of the IS Department
  • IT Dashboards and IT efficiency
  • Portofolio management
  • IT processes


Complex projects management :

  • Opportunity and feasibility study
  • Customer requirements
  • Assistance in the choice of software package and/or service providers
  • Assistance in the implementation of software (design, acceptance tests, roll-out)
  • Change management
  • Project review

With its task force approach of experienced and legitimate consultants, MLA provides an adequate answer to CIOs and Managers of important projects.


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Big IT projects take into account users’s expectations in terms of processes but sometimes underestimate induced changes on human ressources : reassignment of ressources, jobs evolution, etc…

In all IT projects, MLA is concerned about change management :

• Change management process into the project
• Support to teams
• Talent evaluation
• Tailor made training seminars