Context of the intervention

In order to return to profitable growth, a brand of franchised sports stores decided to launch a new three-year strategic plan. As part of this plan, the question of the evolution of the head office IS and its links with the IS of its franchisees has arisen

For this reason, the company decided to implement an IT master plan based on a diagnosis of its IS.

What did MLA do?

Diagnosis of the IS (application park, infrastructure, expenditure, process and team):

  • Diagnosis of the existing
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Preparation of business needs sheets with prioritization of needs

This intervention allowed the company to have an exhaustive diagnosis of its IS including recommendations for optimization, in the short and medium term. The mission was also an opportunity to identify all the IS requirements over the duration of the three-year plan and thus to prepare the IT master plan for the company.