Context of the intervention

The company, a subsidiary of a French car manufacturer, mainly adapts standard cars to corporate purposes (driving school, limited editions, customized vehicle fleet, utility vehicles, etc.) but also to the needs of disabled people.

During a previous mission, it appeared that two departments, Engineering and IT, were in charge of technical data management, which struck MLA as not suitable for a fast-growing company.

To develop agility during design and production steps of new evolutions, to significantly reduce « time to market » and to improve accuracy of technical data, it was decided that MLA would assist the subsidiary into designing and implementing a genuine documentation center.

What did MLA do?

In order to implement this service, MLA worked on two activities, identified with managers during a scoping meeting:

  • Activity “Pre-project step management” :
    • Diagnosis with interviews with a few employees from this subsidiary and from another on too;
    • Design processes workshops to correctly qualify requests and manage specifications into the parent company’s system.
  • Activity “Technical data management” :
    • Interviews with actors ;
    • Workshops to share diagnosis and work on best options.

These assignments helped :

  • Elaborating pre-project target processes consistent with management quality system;
  • Improving the matching between the subsidiary’s pre-project step and the one from the parent company;
  • Stimulating awareness about the urge to rethink the product database.