Situation and requirement

Our client works in the transport sector and supplies a high number of its agents with clothing in various contexts of use, e.g. sales agents in railway stations, maintenance staff in industrial workshops and security agents on the transport network.
Clothing is important for our client: it conveys their image on the ground among users and company employees.
Our client questioned its Clothing Supply Chain for several reasons:

  • Inflexible and unresponsive organisation and processes with complex tasks
  • Difficult access to data hosted by its logistics provider
  • Limited portability of clothing related IS
  • An undisputed requirement for certain services (call centre, store staff)
Customer benefits
  • A more agile, scalable and reliable inhouse offer
  • Streamlined support functions offering improved service quality
  • Internal and external costs under control and at the right level
Our approach

We first conducted scoping interviews with decision-makers to clearly identify the stakes, expectations and problems in the Clothing sector. We then embarked on the more operational tasks, the results of which helped our client to choose its target organisation.
Our in-depth work aimed to facilitate our client's reflections on their future organisation:

Interviews with business line experts to allow detailed mapping of the current set-up in terms of Organisation, Processes and IT tools, and to identify strengths, sticking points and the related areas for improvement.

At the same time, a benchmark study carried out with contractors with comparable needs (quantity, business lines, challenges, etc.) and with manufacturers and suppliers to numerous clients, highlighted the best market practices.

A participatory seminar with key internal stakeholders brought these two phases to a close, sharing our analyses, a synthesis by the participants, and collegial definition of the target guidelines.

Different target scenarios were explored in depth: overall organisation set-up, roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders, implementation plan, the related costs and return on investment. After evaluation of the scenarios, we made recommendations to the Management on the target that best matched our client’s stakes and objectives.

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