Situation and requirement

Against a backdrop of declining market share, a foreign subsidiary of a French supermarket chain wanted to improve the performance of its in-store operations to stabilise margins and refocus on its core business: retail.
Customer requirement: take action on store performance levers, establish standards to be applied to a pilot store ahead of deployment to all outlets across the country.

Customer benefits
  • Improved store performance with the set-up of an attractive, seamless sales outlet and the application of good business management practices
  • Optimised organisation and greater versatility
  • Improved relations between managers and the people they manage
  • Store employees empowered in their structure’s operational management
Our approach

Our work comprised two phases:

• Preparing the approach with the management team and defining its scope
• Identifying and diagnosing key processes for store performance
• Defining indicators to measure performance in store
• Quantified analysis (sales revenue, productivity, check-out queues, stock value) and identifying “pockets of value” and the actions required
• Presentation of a portfolio of actions that would enable a return to performance, and arbitrage by the steering committee

• Introducing visual management and the related managerial rituals (steering indicators, top-down/ bottom-up communication, monitoring the portfolio of improvement actions)
• Assisting operational staff in the analysis of their store processes (hunting down sources of loss, VSM, process description) in a change management approach, to get them on-board and improve on the initial portfolio of actions
• Co-facilitation of improvement projects with operational staff (5S, defining standards, Gemba, versatility)

• Feedback from everyone involved in the approach
• Feedback taken into account to build the national approach
• Validation of the national roll-out plan

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