Context and requirement

An agricultural cooperative wanted to move its organisation forward while equipping itself with a new high-performance Information System able to keep pace with its growth strategy.
The project’s goal was to overhaul business practices, develop cross-disciplinary working between teams and create a real shared corporate culture.

Customer benefits
  • Needs formalised in less than three months
  • A participatory approach that prepared the way for change management
  • A consensual choice of solution and integrator
  • A precise project plan enabling rapid implementation
  • Considerable upgrading of project and managerial skills in the company
Our approach

In this situation, our first priority was to mobilise staff and make the management’s sponsorship visible.
In our interviews with the management, we sought to deepen our understanding of the project's ambition and who it involved. At the same time, we built and now maintain a relationship with the Management Committee based on listening and trust.
Once the opportunity study had been presented to the Board of Directors, the project was launched at a seminar attended by all staff. There were three phases:

Through a series of interviews and workshops with business line experts, we mapped out the existing situation and devised target processes that were both innovative and adapted to the company. The project team formalised the specifications for the call for tenders for software editors and their partner integrators.

The call for tenders was sent to a panel of integrators able to offer a solution adapted to the company. The project team put forward the scoring criteria, led pre-tender interviews and produced a summary of the technical and financial bids. This helped our client select a trustworthy, quality partner to implement its project. The management committee was involved in this strategic phase to present the project and its business case to the board of directors, who then approved it.

Finally, the project team, including the selected integrator, split the project into lots and prepared for its implementation. To meet the deadline set, the contract negotiations were finalised simultaneously with this scoping work. This final phase was rounded off with a seminar to launch project implementation, attended by all everyone involved.

Over the life of the project, we maintained a close relationship with the stakeholders involved on the ground to foster support for the project and acceptance of the future solution.

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